What Are Sales Prospecting Tools?

Sales Prospecting Tools for Outbound Sales & Demand Generation

Sales Prospecting Tools are a type of business software that aids B2B sales teams in identifying potential leads to be contacted in a demand generation campaign. They usually help users find contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and other data that is required for launching outreach campaigns used for generating sales leads. 

Prospecting is one of the first steps in most sales processes, located at the top of the sales stack. There are several methods for how the contact information is acquired.

Prospect Databases

Most databases have gathered the contact information of company employees.

The next step of the B2B sales prospecting process, otherwise known as account-based marketing, is to figure out which companies (accounts) that you want to target. This can be based on a few different criteria, such as location, industry, company size, etc. You can run a search query to return a list of companies that match.

If you have a list of companies, or domain names, from other sources, you can also use those to return results.

Sales Prospecting FAQ

Where can I find B2B Sales Prospects?

You can find B2B sales prospects from social media, trade directories, 3rd-party data providers, and manual searching, in addition to the sales prospecting software that we provide.

How can I find sales prospects on social media?

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook can be goldmines for prospectors. You can identify potential targets based on what company they work for, who they follow, and what groups they are a part of. Getting this type of data at scale is much easier than one might think. Twitter and LinkedIn profiles are public for the most part, and once you are a member of a facebook group, you then have access to the member list and can engage accordingly.

How can I find sales leads from business associations and trade directories?

Depending on your industry, there are usually some directories that will list out businesses. Sometimes these could be trade show exhibitors, speakers, or other industry associations. These lists can be extracted easily enough in most cases. AngelList, BetaList, and Crunchbase are good for finding startups and venture-backed companies. Capterra & G2Crowd include various software companies for you to browse. Clutch has digital agencies and outsourcing companies.

How do you get b2b sales leads?

Our Sales Prospecting Tools can help you find qualified B2B Sales Leads, from a variety of sources. Additionally, we recommend that you hire a virtual assistant (VA) to aid you in manual processes involving B2B prospecting (outside of the software). There are some aspects to outbound campaigns, such as data polishing, that require human quality assurance checks. In any case, you don’t want to erode goodwill by messing up the “FIRST NAME” field in a cold email.

What are good databases for b2b sales leads?

Our databases contain company data and contact information. Once you have a domain name for a company, most tools can take things from there and enrich the data into the information that you’ll need within a spreadsheet. You can then proceed to enable your lead generation engine by using Zapier to integrate with your respective tools, depending on how your outbound sales funnel is configured.

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